Thoughtfully Turning Divorce into Happiness


You don’t usually think of happiness when you think about divorce.  Ending a marriage is hard, sad, overwhelming and finds you in a position you hoped you would never be in.  But I firmly believe that every person involved in the transition of divorce can emerge happier and with a better life. 

As a certified divorce coach, I help you to thoughtfully navigate the divorce process and empower you to achieve your goals.  I know what lies ahead and will give you the tools to achieve the best possible results.  We will work together to help you make the decisions that are right for you and your family.

I specialize in working with women leaving long term marriages, working professionals and those who left the workforce to raise their families and support their husbands’ careers.  I can help you figure out what the next chapter looks like, both professionally and personally.

What Is Divorce Coaching?

Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through a divorce in order to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular needs, values and concerns. The process is designed to help people dealing with pre-divorce, divorce and post-divorce issues. Depending on your personal situation and needs, a divorce coach can assist in avoiding procrastination and other roadblocks in order to move forward in the best way possible.

As your personal Divorce Coach, I will help you

  • make the best decisions for you and your family
  • get organized to save money
  • identify your priorities
  • establish a clear path forward
  • build your professional team
  • set expectations for each phase of the process
  • communicate your needs effectively to accomplish your goals
  • embrace happiness and thrive after divorce

Working Together

As your divorce coach, I will support you, provide guidance and be your thinking partner.  My deep understanding of both the emotional and business side of divorce will help you feel confident and secure while saving you money, time and energy.  Here are some frequently asked questions about the process. 

1. What is a Complimentary Discovery Session?

Our initial meeting will be a 45-minute complimentary Discovery Session during which time I can hear in your own words what your current situation is, understand what you want to accomplish and discuss how I can help.  We will create a roadmap at the end of the session and an approach to how we can work together to accomplish your goals.

2. How will we meet?

I am available to meet several ways to accommodate your location and schedule.  We can connect:

  • In person
  • By phone
  • With Zoom or Facetime

Our sessions will be effective any way we meet.  It is your decision to determine what works best for you.  

3. How many sessions will I need & what is the cost?

As divorce entails many issues, coaching is more effective if conducted over a block of sessions. You may book one-hour sessions in the following blocks:

  • 3 sessions conducted over 3 – 6 weeks for $750
  • 6 sessions conducted over 6 – 12 weeks for $1400
  • 12 sessions conducted over 3 – 6 months for $2500

At your Discovery Session, we can discuss how many sessions may be realistic to accomplish your goals.

4. What will we accomplish in each session?

My coaching approach is very practical and goal-oriented. At each session, we will focus on exploring the biggest concerns that you have, understanding the outcomes that are most important to you and identifying the obstacles you may be facing. At the end of each session, we will review what you just accomplished and you will leave with a plan to get started on before our next session.

5. Are you reachable between sessions?

Because of the trying circumstances, guidance and support are needed when going through a divorce. I am available to you between sessions. I am always available via email or text for questions and problems that come up and if necessary, we can arrange a phone call when needed.

About Ellen

Ellen is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach®.  A graduate of the University of Illinois and the University of Chicago, Ellen has most recently been certified by the CDC Board of Standards.  She is a divorce expert who’s been through the process personally and advises clients in many different situations.

With an MBA from the Booth School of Business and many years of experience as a strategic management consultant, Ellen understands that divorce is also a business transaction.  She brings a broad knowledge of problem solving, negotiation, project planning and organization to your unique situation.

Ellen lives in Lake Forest, Illinois.  Her interests include baking, tennis, biking, reading, yoga and the arts.  She is the mom of four wonderful adult children and her best times are spent with family, friends and usually food.

In my own words... Why I became a Divorce Coach

I woke up one morning and realized that my 27-year marriage was over and it was up to me to create my new life.  Through a myriad of emotions and a lot of hard work I did get to my great new life…amicable divorce, newly defined happy family, great job and active social life!  During that time, I wish that I had the support and guidance I now provide for others as a divorce coach.

I have always been able to help people come up with solutions to their problems.  I am very pragmatic but I also know that decisions around divorce and your family are best made thoughtfully with love and empathy.  I will help you reframe your narrative and keep moving forward towards a positive, fulfilling future.  I do this work because I think everyone deserves happiness, however you define that and I know I can help you get there.


“I cannot say enough good things about Ellen. Through a complex process, she brought relief and order where and when I need it. Today, post-divorce, I am president of a company that would simply not exist without her support, direction, and contacts. Divorce can be a complex and rough process but she took the lead when I couldn’t, she has been my kind hearted human Zamboni.”


“I came to Ellen overwhelmed by my pending divorce. She answered my questions, helped me build my team and explained in great detail and with kindness what was going to happen. She has been there for me through the whole process and her guidance has been invaluable.”


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